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The Interview (2014)


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It’s finally here, After the Sony’s Hacking scandal over the last month, which involves Personal information being shared onto the internet, threat of terror attacks and a unholy war by the  Guardians of Peace to anybody who went and see the films in theaters which led to the film being pulled. After cries from freedom of speak which includes actors in the film to the current President Obama.

The hack of Sony was blamed on Guardians of Peace, which the FBI location the group from North Korea.

Earlier on Christmas Eve, Sony Released The Interview onto YouTube and other streaming platforms, including their website, with the film being released in 300 theatres in the US.

The Interview has a great special effects with the bombs, other major effects with some laughing out loud (LOLs) moments.

If you have not be living in a snow cover cave, you would know the main plot of The Interview.

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Co-directors Even Goldberg and Seth Rogen (who also wrote the screenplay, along with Dan Sterling) announce their intentions for the comedy to be silly and broad from the start, with a musical number featuring a sweet little North Korean girl singing an anthem about hating Americans. with lyrics such as:

May they be helpless, poor and sad and cold!
They are arrogant and fat!
They are stupid and they are evil.
Die America die!

James Franco, in a performance that skirts the border of obnoxiousness and sometimes crosses over, hams it up big-time as Dave Skylark, a narcissistic empty suit who hosts a successful info-tainment program. Rogen is Dave’s producer and best friend, Aaron, who yearns to do more serious journalism but also gets really pumped when Dave scores a big coup, e.g., Eminem saying, “I’ve been pretty much leaving a breadcrumb trail of gayness” with his lyrics.

So as Dave and Aaron are about to Travel to Pyongyang as they want to show off as journalists.

As you know in life travel plans can change just before they are to leave. So CIA recruits them, perhaps the two least-qualified men imaginable, to assassinate Kim Jong-un.

If you have nothing to do after opening the presents or you want something to do the week leading up to #2015, I would just watch The Interview either online or go to the Movies and just watch the movie, which you will be Lol your butt off after watching the film.

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