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About Us

Welcome to Your WNewsNetwork

Welcome to WNewsNetwork, a subsidiary of W-World Media Inc. Based out of Metro Vancouver, Canada.

Founded in 2010 as WTYW7 World News, WNewsNetwork goal is to bring you the best social News Experience in the ever growing and fast changing world.

History of Key Events:

Feb. 8, 2010: WNewsNetwork launched as WTYW7 World News as a YouTube Channel

Early 2011: WTYW7 Facebook page was launched which was renamed later on.

Late 2011: We relaunched our YouTube Page after crossing 1,000,000 video views because of legal issues

July 2012: was launched to the world with games, news and more to the world.

December 2012: was launched to the world as a rebranding test.

2013: Launched New Social Reading Features as development by Facebook Technology

March 2014: was brought as ended.

March 2014: WorldNewsNetwork is rebranded to WNewsNetwork.

March-November: Development of a New Platform and rebrand for the World to see.

March 2014: WTYW7 is renamed to W-World Media.

December 24, 2014: launches to the world. 

March 2015: Octavian Olaru join on board with the company as COO/CMO

Summer 2015: New Social Media Accounts and New daily features is launched.

June 2015: WNews’s WNNTop5 launches with the daily Top 5 Headlines

Fall 2015: New Facebook Pages was launched with WNews Vancouver.

December 2015: A New Year-end review is launch with the #2015InReview which showcase the Top 31 Stories of the year

December 24, 2015: WNewsNetwork V2 is launched

January 1, 2016: W-World Media is Officially Incorporated in Canada.

September 2016: WNewsNetwork V3.0 was launch with new Look, features and more.

December 2016: The Second Annual Year-end Review takes place with #2016InReview

July 2017: The WNNTop5 is redesign with a new look.

December 2017: The third annual year-end Review #2017InReview takes place with a new sub-site, a special broadcast show and a new look. 

#WNNPolitics: White House says Trump "disagrees" with Putin's proposal to question Americans as Senator Votes on Resolution Related to Russian President Vladimir Putin's Proposal to Question Americans  July 19, 2018 AT 2:34 PM EDT