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BC Man fighting MCFD to see his 6 Year Old daughter after false allegations

Vancouver (WNewsNetwork)- An Abbotsford man is fighting to see his daughter after not seeing her for over a year. Tim Kerr's daughter was taken by the Ministry of Children and Fami...


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Huge Controversy Brewing at a Local BC Nail Salon

A Nail Salon in Maple Ridge is accused of Health Code Violations & Illegal Termination of Employment May 12, 20...

Canadian taken hostage in Libya

Ottawa has confirmed that a Canadian is among three people taken hostage in Libya earlier this week.

Your Politics

Canada showing Haiti some tough love

Canadian officials say Haiti has abused the goodwill of international donors by failing to respect the results of a...

Former government watchdog plans to run for PCs in Ottawa-Vanier byelection

André Marin, Ontario's former outspoken ombudsman known for his scathing reports, is jumping into political...

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  • The Interview (2014)

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