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Unbroken (2014)


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If you want a movie to see this month, Unbroken is the movie to watch. Unbroken by director Angelina Jolie is one of the best films that come out in 2014.

Unbroken is a true story War-Time film about Olympian Louis Zamperini spends a harrowing 47 days in a raft with two fellow crewmen before he’s caught by the Japanese navy.

The movie is based on the book Unbroken by  Laura Hillenbrand. The Movie with the great actors and actresses brings the best effects with it war-time film effects and storyline. The film begin in the Mid-1930s with Louis being bullied for not speaking english as their family is from Italy. Then the film process into the 1936 Summer Olympics in Berlin, Germany Louis wins the US track running. Then later in the film, they are on a raft for 47 days, which they fight to live.

Returning to the present day, Louie and the surviving crew of the previous mission, along with replacement crewmen, are sent on a search and rescue mission with a plane that had previously been used for spare parts. Louie does not believe that the plane is airworthy, but the others tell him that it is suitable. During the mission, however, both of the plane’s left engines fail, causing them to crash in the ocean. Louie and two other survivors, Mac and Phil (the pilot of this, and the previous mission) survive and live on two floating safety rafts. After three days, a search plane flies over them but does not see them and they are unable to get its attention. On the 27th day, they get the attention of a Japanese plane, which strafes the floating rafts but misses them. On the 33rd day Mac dies, leaving only Louie and Phil.

On the 47th day, Japanese forces capture Louie and Phil and they become prisoners of war. The Japanese force Louie and Phil to tell them what they know about the Allies. Louie tells them that he doesn’t know anything because he’s been stuck on the raft for more than a month. Their captors do not believe them and send Louie and Phil to a P.O.W. camp.

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Louie and Phil are separated into different camps. The camp in Tokyo, where Zamperini is sent, is headed by a Japanese corporal, Mutsuhiro “Bird” Watanabe, who treats him very cruelly, in part because of Zamperini’s status as a former Olympian. “Bird” is especially tough on Louie out of jealousy, beating him often. Louie is given the opportunity to broadcast a message home saying that he is alive. When he refuses to broadcast a second message that would be anti-American he is sent back to camp where Watanabe has all the other prisoners punch him for not showing respect.

In the film, you cannot tell it’s was filmed in 2014, as the producer did a awesome job with the effects of the times.

Even the clothing is with the times in the 1930s and 1940s. The way the film was produced, it’s looks great when watching on the big screens. The film was some sad parts as some of the Characters goes though some hards times. Including being on the raft for 47 days.

This movie is one of the best war-time movie to watch this month as it’s based on a true story.


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