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Version History

WNewsNetwork Current Version: 4.4.4

Released: Tuesday December 25, 2018

Next Versions est. Release Dates




  • Security Update: A Feature or feature change related to the Security of the website or services
  • New Feature: A New Feature released to users on WNews
  • New Feed(s): A New Feed added to WNewsNetwork to bring you more news
  • New Page: A New Page added to the website
  • Feed Change: A Change or removal of feed
  • Design Change: A minor or major change of redesign that a user will notice for example Logo change, new features on home pages or design change across sites.
  • Page Change: A change of page feature which includes a URL changes of major page, name change.
  • Removed: A page or feature due to either design/feature change or bug issues
  • Re-added: A feature that was removed due to bug fixing and re-added
  • Bug Fixes:


Version 1.0: Released December 24, 2014

  • First Release

Version 2.0: Released December 24, 2015

  • Design Change: New Look
  • New Feature: Added Facebook Login, Instagram, and Twitter Login

Version 2.1: Released June, 2016

  • New Feature: New feeds
  • Bug Fixes

Version 2.2: Released August 2016

Version 2.3: Released September 2016

Version 3.0 Released November 2016 “Version 3”

  • New Feature: Features a Totally redesign update
  • Design Change: New Look for Post Page
  • Design Change: New Look for Home Page
  • Design Change: New Search Feature 
  • New Feeds: Added BBC News for Global News and US
  • New Feeds: Added CBC News for BC and Calgary
  • New Feature: New Login features
  • New Feature: New Social features
  • Bug Fixes

Version 3.1: Spring 2017

  • New Feature: New Feeds
  • Design Change: More Posts on Home Page
  • Design Change: New Side Menus

Version 3.1.1- October 31, 2017- “TOS and Guidelines Changes”

  • Page Change: Updated Terms of Service
  • Page Change: updated Comm. Guidelines
  • New Page: Old comm, Guidelines
  • New Page: Old terms of Use

Version 3.2: Mid-November 2017

  • New Feature: New Ad Spots on home
  • Design Change: New Design in Top headers
  • Removed: social logo due to bug issues (will be relaunched in early 2019)

Version 3.2.1: Friday December 1, 2017

  • Design Change: Christmas Logo
  • Page Added: 2017 In Review Page
  • Redesign: Home Page

Version 3.2.2: Tuesday December 26, 2017- “Boxing Day”

  • Removed: Christmas Banner
  • Added: WNewsNetwork Text Logo
  • Page Change: URL and Name Change from Update history to Version History
  • Security Update: Temp. SSL due to old SSL expired on December 25, 2017

Version 3.2.3: Thursday December 28, 2017 “End of Year Edition”

  • New Feeds: For World Sections
  • New Feed: For Odds News

Version 3.2.4: Monday January 1, 2018 “New Year Edition”

  • Design Change: New Colours for header
  • Design Change: Added New Coroporation Logos
  • New Feeds: For Canada Sections
  • Security Update: Updated SSL for 2018 Year

Version 4.0.0: Monday January 15, 2018- “Canadian, eh”

  • Redesign: Home page
  • New Feature: Launching WNewsNetwork’s Canada Edition

Version 4.1.0: March 2018- “The USA Edition”

  • New Feature: WNewsNetwork’s USA Edition
  • New Feature: WNews UK


Version 4.1.1: April 2018

  • Transfer to New Host
  • Bug Fixes
  • Database Is on different Server

Version 4.2.0: May 25, 2018 “Updated Policies”

  • Updated Privacy Policy to reflect New Laws in Europe
  • Updated Community Standards with new copyrights, fake news and no bullying
  • Updated Terms of Use.

Version 4.3.0: June 30, 2018 “New Feeds”

  • New Feeds: Added Feeds for Toronto, Seattle and Tech Sections

Version 4.3.1 August 21, 2018 “Minor updates”

  • Bug Fixes: Fixes speed and design issues on Mobile

Version 4.4.0: August 31st, 2018 “New Alert Header”

  • New Feature: New Breaking Alert Feature is launched to the world

Version 4.4.1: October 1st, 2018

  • Bug Fixes
  • Added New Menus in Footer

Version 4.4.2: November 1st, 2018

Bug Fixes

Version 4.4.3: December 23, 2018

Fixed Loading Issues

Version 4.4.4: December 25th, 2018

  • Design Change: Readded Logo on Header
  • Design Change: Changed Instagram Footer look
  • Bug Fixes & Speed Improvements

Upcoming Version Release Date and Features:

The Features and Dates of release may be subject to change.

Version 4.5.0: January 2019