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Wednesday May 10, 2017

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Happy #Wednesday & here’s your #WNNTop5 to catch you up on including The #BCElection results.  #wnewsnetwork

* The BC Liberal won a Minority Government (1st time in over 60 years) in the Western Canada Province in a closely tight race with the NDP. The Green Party gained 2 seats to a total of 3. The Liberal has been in power since 2001. 

* Non-EU citizens may have the right to residence in the EU if their children are EU citizens, the European Court of Justice (ECJ) has ruled.

* Turkey’s deputy prime minister says the US decision to supply weapons to Kurdish fighters battling Islamic State militants in Syria is “unacceptable”.

* A reporter was arrested on Tuesday night at the West Virginia Capitol for allegedly causing a disturbance by shouting questions to two Trump aides.

* An online petition has been launched by residents of the town of Benson in the US state of Arizona against a radio station which broadcast advice late at night on how to hide child pornography.

In Other Important News:

* DJ Robert Miles, best known for his trance hit Children, has died at the age of 47 after a short illness.

* Calls for a investigation into Surprise FBI director firing by POTUS’s Donald Trump.