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May 8, 2017

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Happy Monday and here’s your WNNTop5 to begin off your Week from the Leader in Social News. 

• Emmanuel Macron took his first steps as France’s president-elect on Monday but faces a tough task establishing a team that can govern effectively.

• A state of emergency has been declared in the Canadian city of Montreal due to flooding caused by torrential rains and melting snow.

•British Olympic diver Tom Daley has shared a picture of his wedding to US film director Dustin Lance Black.

•One in five Australians has suffered image-based abuse, according to the nation’s most comprehensive study on “revenge porn”.

• The remains of at least 7,000 people may be buried beneath the University of Mississippi, officials estimate.

• Israel’s prison service has released a video purportedly showing the leader of a three-week-old hunger strike by Palestinian inmates eating in his cell.