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Facebook and Instagram Users Having Issues Connecting with Sites. Top Tweets from Users

Facebook and Instagram Services faced large scale outages during the day on Wednesday. The cause of one outage is unknown at this time.

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New York (WNews): Talk about tech issues that billions faced today while trying to connect to Facebook and Instagram. Late Wednesday Morning, users started reporting issues with their accounts.

Users around the Globe were having issues posting, accessing the networking sites. Some users posted on Twitter, they thought they posted something and landed on ‘Facebook Jail’. For these who don’t know that term, if you post something that is against Facebook Standards, you can have your account suspended for a period of time.

Facebook posted on Twitter Late Wednesday Morning saying that they were having issues with their family of apps. They also posters just after that Is was not a DDOS attack which started responds from users on twitter saying have you turn it off and on again.

Facebook other services were down including WhatsApp.

As of 6:02pm PT, Facebook Services is still down in some parts of the world.

Read some of the tweets below from Twitter:

Turn it off and On Again

I Can’t Post Fire Memes

I’m in Facebook Jail?

Did Mark forgot to Pay Facebook Internet Bill?

Left The Group? Yep They Sure Did

Double Checking if Facebook and Instagram is Down

I can Only Imagine

MySpace back in Business?

Mark Safe During Outage 2019

Twitter is Open for Business

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