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Spoiler Free Review: Deadpool 2

One of Top R-rated Film of the Year.


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It’s the May Long Weekend in Canada which means new films for the summer months. Every year there’s nothing better than action pack films. Movies such as Skyscraper, Avengers, A Solo Story – Star Wars and the Incredible 2. This year is no different as Deadpool 2 was released from 20th Century Fox studio. Filmed in Vancouver, Canada as the same as the first film in the series from the same studio that killed Wolverine.

The whole movie is action pack with fighting, high-quality car chases and a few major characters from the major film series X-Men. Yes, X-Men is in the film. Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) starts off with a huge action overseas in Japan, Hong Kong which leads back to North America on the day of his own date night with his girlfriend. The movie takes a sudden turn which leads to an exposure intro and the X-Men showing up to fight a firearm teenager. Yeah, that Taxi Driver returned to bring encouragement to Deadpool.

The strong F-bombs is outsourced by the strong humour in the film. The movie is strong with dirty mindset jokes and humour that will make you laugh out loud. Even though the film is almost two hours long, some parts of the film will leave you sitting on the edge of your seat. The storyline has been thought-out really well by the director once again.

The plotline service the whole pop culture with reference to the Avengers from the Marvel Universe. Deadpool forms a new superhero group which hope to last 10 to 12 years which is referring to MCU which has been going on for since the late 2000s. The newly formed group was suddenly broken up in the first mission in unfortunate events.

The film brings back the slow-motion scenes as in the first film which the viewer will ensure to enjoy once again. The film has some CGI which has improved since the last film.

Everything from the Intro Titles to the credits will make you laugh. I give this movie a 80% on the awesomeness of the laughter and the storyline. This movie is rated R or MA for swearing, suggested and humour content, sexual content, nudity and violence.

  • Plotline
  • Characters
  • Music
  • Laughter
  • Family Friendly

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